Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kites, fun at the park, Easter egg hunt, and Carlow's surgery!

Well I know it's been a while so let me give a little update, Carlow had to have surgery, orchidopexy repair, also hernia or hydrocele repair and chordee repair. The surgery went well it was very stressful but I think that is normal with anyone having a child undergoing surgery of any type. We were called back to consult with the Dr. after the surgery and we were called back to early and had to sit for 40+ minutes in a small consult room.There was a miscommunication and when they called us they thought the Dr. was closing, turns out they weren't. But the longer we sat the more dark and foreboding thoughts started running through my head. I was pacing the room like a caged tiger by the time the Dr. finally came in to talk with us. Everything went well and we have to keep out little guy still and down for 4-6 weeks. And if any of you know him I know that you are laughing your head off, because he is sooooo active!

We had a wonderful visit with Aunt Tracye and Lexie! All I have heard is how much they miss Aunt Tracye and Lexie and when are we going to go back and visit. Love you Hun thank you for everything you have done for us!!!!!

Saturday the kids went on an Easter egg hunt with the Church it was so cold but it sure didn't stop the kids from hunting eggs!
Ye Ye went with us Friday to the park we flew kites and played on swings and slides. They had a wonderful time so did Ye Ye and I! Katie lost her kite in a tree she was very sad to leave it there. Cordie was being pulled around by her kite.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Carlow's first time in snow!!!!!

Heads up this was taken just before the snowball hit me Oh Brad's in so much trouble!!!! hahaha

Carlow's First Snow, not so sure about the cold!!! Or the bright snow!

Cordie's Biggest Snowball!!

Katie's Snow Angel

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our classroom

I wanted the kids to have a place that they could have class and feel like it was only for our school work. So I have cleaned out a small section in our kitchen and here it is. The pictures behind the desks are their hand prints they made while we were finger painting I lamented them. I love them all look at Carlow's little hands I love them!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday we ran into the Scotts

Xiana and Cordie are both from Hefie city Anhui Province CHina and were adopted 2 years ago March 13!!! Cordie warmed up and now we hear stories that she is making up with her bears to include Xiana. In our family I think this must be high praise indeed the girls have very good stories about thier bearsand how they traveled to China to bring them home. I love these pictures I think our girls are beautiful! Carlow and Katie both attached themselves to Hayli she is an awesome Da Jei Jei!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs to you all God is awesome and we were so blkessed to run into them by accident!