Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Leaving tomorrow for Lexington

Hi everyone, Tomorrow we are going to Lexington going to spend some time with Aunt Tracye and take our boy to Shriners. He has appointments for both his hands and feet. Please pray with us that we can get something to go between his toes to keep them from turning into themselves. I will post more pics and information after we get home probibly Wednesday. God Bless you all, Bekah one Blessed Mommy

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fallen Soldier

Our whole County came out to show our respect and gratitude I have been talking to the girls about how our freedom isn't free that our soldiers are keeping us safe. I am so proud of the men and women who are serving our country. Brad served in the Army the girls referr to all our military as Heros.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Simplifying your life Mommy

Okay I was eaves dropping as the girls were brushing their teeth, one night this week. We have been upset because we can never find the cap for our (Brad's and my) tooth paste. Every lid is missing and has been for the past 4-6 months it could have started earlier and we just dismissed it.
So the conversation went like this....
Cordie: WHERE IS THE LID FOR THE TOOTHPASTE!!!!!!! What did you do with it this time???
Katie: ........... "snickering"
C: Serious what did you do with the lid?
K:..... "more snickering" I am simplifying Mama's and Daddy's life.
C:What are you talking about!
K: It's one less thing they have to do now! "more snickers that turned into full laughter"

I truely am one Blessed Mommy Thank you God for my wonderful children. With one sweet daughter who wants to make my life easier.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Please consider signing this petiition

Families who have been waiting for referrals for years now are being made to resubmit for their INS/CIS approval. Again having to pay all the fees involved because their paper work expires. Please read and sign help families bring their children home.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Carlow's Gotcha Day

One year ago we were up early and waiting to go to the civil center in Guanzhou. All of us were unsure what to expect. Cordie and Katie were pacing the hotel each kept saying how scared their baby brother might be this morning as his life was being rearranged. As for Brad and I we were worried about how he was going to adjust to his new family. Katie wanted to hug and kiss him and Cordie wanted to make him feel safe, what woderful big sisters he had waiting for him. Check out our pics from Gotcha Day and some more recent ones. God Bless you all, Bekah one blessed Mommy

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sick and don't feel good

Well we all have a nasty cold and sore throat. It's never good when we are all sick including Mama. And Cordie gets really cranky (even more so when not feeling great) and she decided to take her own hair down tonight and when it didn't come out easy she kept pulling until the band snapped. And did I mention how the band was so tangled in her hair I thought I was going to have to cut her hair up to her shoulders?
Well with a lot of coaxing and some silk conditioning oil I got the band out after brushing her hair I found a chunk missing and knew I had to cut her hair about 2.5 inches. She was crying and sobbing the entire time. Katie came in and held her hand and said please don't cry I will make it fair Mama will cut my hair and it will be fair.
I thought I was going to cry. That was so thoughtful of Katie after all the hair cutting was done Cordie ran to the mirror with Katie and made sure they were the same LOL. Katie was smiling and hugged Cordie telling her that she loved her. Cordie held Katie and whispered in her ear. I don't know for sure but I think she was telling her how much she loved her too and thanking her for the love sacrifice she made for her sister.

Carlow has a Gotcha Day coming up I can not believe he has been home for one yr as of Oct. 8.
We are praying to be well by then and hoping to go to the Farm in Bremen with our Home Schooling Group.
One more thing I have a friend who is adopting a 9 yr old from Russia. Please read about her
She has several fund raisers going I love the blog creations that her friend is doign to help her. Check it out.
Till Later,
Bekah One Blessed Mommy

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have a request

There is a family in China right now and they need your urgent prayers! My heart is full of admiration for this family. I have never met them but feel connected the girls came in and caught me crying, they asked me why and I eplained how there was a little girl in China waiting to come home but she was sick and in the hospital. Both girls asked to pray for her and wanted to see her pictures. So I showed them the blog I was so amazed they laid thier tiny hands on the monitor and started praying for this beautiful little angel. I am in awe of what God has given us. They have taken her into thier heart and have been praying for her every morning and ask me to show them the new pictures and read to them about how she is doing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Library update

Today we went to the library it was story time and craft time today. Girls had a blast and I was all ready for a fight. I have been stewing for a week. The girls listened to the stories very intently and they loved the wiggle games. Then they made apple critters! Carlow used peanut butter and his critter never got made but was devoured. Cordie and Katie had marshmellow cream and grape heads pretzle sticks for legs rasins for spots. they were so cute net time I will take pictures. Okay now we head down to check out and I'm steeling myself to face this and show my kids that I am their mother. So as we are checking out I started the conversation that last week I was asked to prove they were my daughters and the head librarian smiled and said don't worry that is not a problem sorry that you had to go through that. And that was the end of it, took the wind out of my sails. It was such a relief and the kids were all watching so they know that Mama bear was there to make sure they knew they were MY CHILDREN! :) Well God Bless everyone, Bekah one blessed mommy

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Library Woes

Okay I am venting here. I took the kids to the library today to get library cards for the girls. And the librarian wanted to see proof that they were my daughters! First question was are they yours?!?!?!?!?!?! What kind of question is that. The girls have cards but they want me to bring the papers in next visit. I don't know that I am comfortable with that. Also we get up stairs and sit down to have craft time now that we have missed story time because of the "adoption drama" And another woman asks are they sisters? Are they yours? I am thinking not nice things trying to answer question so they don't ask more. Yet they do.... Most days I love answering questions most days I love telling everyone how my precious children are from China and we lovingly traveled to bring them was not most days. I felt like I was on the defensive all day long. Iam still fumming has anyone else run into this? I have talked t other adoptive mom's and dad's they have not been asked to provide this information . Please leve comments and let me know if this is something you have experienced. Bekah one blessed mommy

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a conversation with Cordie and Katie

Girls: Mommy we want to sing Jesus Loves me.
Me: Okay ... Jesus Loves me
Girls: No not just sing it we want to sign it too!
Me: Okay (the sign for Jesus is touching the palms where the nails pierced Jesus and lifting them to the side as if crucified)
Girls: Mommy what are we touching our hands?
Me: Because we are touching where they put the nails.
Girls Mommy why did they hurt Jesus?
Me: Jesus took our place so we could live with him in Heaven, it is how we can ask for forgiveness and God uses the huge eraser.
Girls: Oh, but Mommy why would he allow his son to die for us.
Me: Because God loves us and Jesus Loves us and they wanted us to be clean with the huge eraser, so we can see them in Heaven.
Girls: Okay.

Who would have thought I would be having this talk with 5 yr olds??

Hugs and God Bless you,
Bekah one Blessed Mommy!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Life and Stuff

Hi I can't believe that our 12 month post placement is coming up. Our little Carlow has almost been home one yr. He is such a live wire so loving and so full of life. In Church he loves to jump and try and run I have to keep him on a backpack leash just to keep him from helping Pastor David preach! He is just now realizing that his hands are differant and insists on counting fingers many many many times a day. I can't imagine life without him honestly can't remember life before him, just like the girls I know that Brad and I were married 15 yrs before Katie joined us but they are in a misty blurr.

Tuesday we are getting together with a Homeschool Group in Greenville, Cordie and Katie are really excited, Carlow just knows something is happening and it involves a park ....he is happy.

I know that this sounds so weird but I am sad that we aren't paper pregnant I know the time isn't right but we have been pregnant every yr. I know somewhere there are little souls that God has for us that will join us when the time is perfect. Well it's very late thanks for checking in on us.

God Bless you,

Bekah one Blessed Mommy

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hi Just checking in

Morning everyone I have some great news the Harmon family are home safe and sound thank you for all your prayers! And we are doing good here too just a lazy summer we are sad we missed the FTIA reunion but know that next yr we will see our travel family and in the mean time we can keep up via email and blogging.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BIG PRAYERS for a very special Family

Hi everyone I have become acquainted with a family who are going to bring two sons home at the same time! Yes you read that right! Please visit their blog lift them up in prayer! Anyone who has left over Yuan please consider sending it to them. Anyone who feels led please donate there are links on their blog. Please help bring these boys home! Please remember this family in your prayers and thoughts.

God Bless you all

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Girls Store

Well I have made up my mind to home school the kids. And to teach them about money I have made cards with prices so they can sell fruit and veggies (among other things) at their farmers market. Here are the cards I made.

Well it's official

Our living room is a play center LOL and to prove it here are the photos.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Look at my fisher persons!!!

We went to Jason and Paige's house on Sunday after church. It was a wonderful day the kids got to fish for the first time just look at what they caught!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Funny words we will miss

Cordie has a few words she says wih a Jia Jia Flair here are a few.
Blanklet = blanket
Beep = beat
Tomorryo = tomorrow

Katie also repeats these silly isms but has a few that are hers she has shared with Cordie.
Ruddy bands = rubber bands
liddingroom = living room

Well it is late I know there are more and when I think of them I will add them. Night everyone

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Little Bunny Poo Poo?!?!?!?!?!

Katie and Cordie were in the tub tonight and Katie decided to make a new song and it goes something like this.

Fairy Fairy Fairy jumping through the forest

Scooping up the bunny bunny bunny

Don't eat the bubbles they cause tummy aches.

little bunny foo foo eating all the bubbles

Little Bunny Foo Foo has to go poo poo

Go figure LOL silly creatures my girls have such wonderful imaginations but they leave me scratching my head about the topic of their new song!

Thank you Andrea

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Dr news!

I have been very dissatisfied with Shriner's and the Ped. Orthopedic Dr's because I had kept asking what can be done for Carlow's feet and all they could offer was surgery. I love his little toes and I know that closing the cleft would only make his balance bad. What I am concerned about is the way he throws his left leg out when he walks, also throws his leg out when he squats down to play.They are going to cast his foot and make inserts for his shoes with the recommendation that we use high top shoes like walking shoes. Also massaging his feet moving all the joints and ligaments.Our goal is to change the shape of his foot less ball shaped and more foot shaped, straightening his toes and hoping for more more flexibility. If you feel your not getting the right answers keep looking Carlow has ectrodactyly and his pics are posted. The Dr we are seeing is a Ped. podiatrist foot and ankle specialist. I will post more when we learn more! I am so excited about this.

New Family pictures Enjoy I know we did!!!!!