Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a conversation with Cordie and Katie

Girls: Mommy we want to sing Jesus Loves me.
Me: Okay ... Jesus Loves me
Girls: No not just sing it we want to sign it too!
Me: Okay (the sign for Jesus is touching the palms where the nails pierced Jesus and lifting them to the side as if crucified)
Girls: Mommy what are we touching our hands?
Me: Because we are touching where they put the nails.
Girls Mommy why did they hurt Jesus?
Me: Jesus took our place so we could live with him in Heaven, it is how we can ask for forgiveness and God uses the huge eraser.
Girls: Oh, but Mommy why would he allow his son to die for us.
Me: Because God loves us and Jesus Loves us and they wanted us to be clean with the huge eraser, so we can see them in Heaven.
Girls: Okay.

Who would have thought I would be having this talk with 5 yr olds??

Hugs and God Bless you,
Bekah one Blessed Mommy!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Life and Stuff

Hi I can't believe that our 12 month post placement is coming up. Our little Carlow has almost been home one yr. He is such a live wire so loving and so full of life. In Church he loves to jump and try and run I have to keep him on a backpack leash just to keep him from helping Pastor David preach! He is just now realizing that his hands are differant and insists on counting fingers many many many times a day. I can't imagine life without him honestly can't remember life before him, just like the girls I know that Brad and I were married 15 yrs before Katie joined us but they are in a misty blurr.

Tuesday we are getting together with a Homeschool Group in Greenville, Cordie and Katie are really excited, Carlow just knows something is happening and it involves a park ....he is happy.

I know that this sounds so weird but I am sad that we aren't paper pregnant I know the time isn't right but we have been pregnant every yr. I know somewhere there are little souls that God has for us that will join us when the time is perfect. Well it's very late thanks for checking in on us.

God Bless you,

Bekah one Blessed Mommy

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hi Just checking in

Morning everyone I have some great news the Harmon family are home safe and sound thank you for all your prayers! And we are doing good here too just a lazy summer we are sad we missed the FTIA reunion but know that next yr we will see our travel family and in the mean time we can keep up via email and blogging.