Tuesday, August 10, 2010

one sick mommy

Okay here is what happened in a nut shell had a galbladder attact about 3 weeks ago and went to the dr they found stones so I was sent to a surgeon for a consult well he blew me off saying I needed to have my "female" problems addressed before he would even want to see me again. That was a Wednesday. Now please realise I have not been able to eat since the first attack so come Friday the pain was really low and I was so hungry I had lunch with my dad and the kids. It was only 2 pieces of garlic bread and 1/2 a sandwhich. I have never in all my life hurt so bad and been so sick it lasted all weekend I kept thinking this will pass anytime I had made an appointment with my Dr. THANK YOU GOD that when he saw me he knew right away things were serious. He sent me straight away to Evansville and Tuesday night I parted ways with my galbladder and it's stones (4 of them the size of shooting marbles). I was so infected it had almost turned into pancreatitis I was on iv antibiotics the entire time I was in and finally was let to come home Saturday.