Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have a request

There is a family in China right now and they need your urgent prayers! My heart is full of admiration for this family. I have never met them but feel connected the girls came in and caught me crying, they asked me why and I eplained how there was a little girl in China waiting to come home but she was sick and in the hospital. Both girls asked to pray for her and wanted to see her pictures. So I showed them the blog I was so amazed they laid thier tiny hands on the monitor and started praying for this beautiful little angel. I am in awe of what God has given us. They have taken her into thier heart and have been praying for her every morning and ask me to show them the new pictures and read to them about how she is doing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Library update

Today we went to the library it was story time and craft time today. Girls had a blast and I was all ready for a fight. I have been stewing for a week. The girls listened to the stories very intently and they loved the wiggle games. Then they made apple critters! Carlow used peanut butter and his critter never got made but was devoured. Cordie and Katie had marshmellow cream and grape heads pretzle sticks for legs rasins for spots. they were so cute net time I will take pictures. Okay now we head down to check out and I'm steeling myself to face this and show my kids that I am their mother. So as we are checking out I started the conversation that last week I was asked to prove they were my daughters and the head librarian smiled and said don't worry that is not a problem sorry that you had to go through that. And that was the end of it, took the wind out of my sails. It was such a relief and the kids were all watching so they know that Mama bear was there to make sure they knew they were MY CHILDREN! :) Well God Bless everyone, Bekah one blessed mommy

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Library Woes

Okay I am venting here. I took the kids to the library today to get library cards for the girls. And the librarian wanted to see proof that they were my daughters! First question was are they yours?!?!?!?!?!?! What kind of question is that. The girls have cards but they want me to bring the papers in next visit. I don't know that I am comfortable with that. Also we get up stairs and sit down to have craft time now that we have missed story time because of the "adoption drama" And another woman asks are they sisters? Are they yours? I am thinking not nice things trying to answer question so they don't ask more. Yet they do.... Most days I love answering questions most days I love telling everyone how my precious children are from China and we lovingly traveled to bring them was not most days. I felt like I was on the defensive all day long. Iam still fumming has anyone else run into this? I have talked t other adoptive mom's and dad's they have not been asked to provide this information . Please leve comments and let me know if this is something you have experienced. Bekah one blessed mommy