Friday, April 11, 2008

New Dr news!

I have been very dissatisfied with Shriner's and the Ped. Orthopedic Dr's because I had kept asking what can be done for Carlow's feet and all they could offer was surgery. I love his little toes and I know that closing the cleft would only make his balance bad. What I am concerned about is the way he throws his left leg out when he walks, also throws his leg out when he squats down to play.They are going to cast his foot and make inserts for his shoes with the recommendation that we use high top shoes like walking shoes. Also massaging his feet moving all the joints and ligaments.Our goal is to change the shape of his foot less ball shaped and more foot shaped, straightening his toes and hoping for more more flexibility. If you feel your not getting the right answers keep looking Carlow has ectrodactyly and his pics are posted. The Dr we are seeing is a Ped. podiatrist foot and ankle specialist. I will post more when we learn more! I am so excited about this.

New Family pictures Enjoy I know we did!!!!!